Whitefire: Welston Gray

Chairman and leader of Whitefire Company


Welston Gray
Whitefire Rank “S”
Chairman of Whitefire Company
First Seat of the Whitefire Council
Adventurer Extraordinaire
Holder of six International Commendations

Primal Element:
Unknown; rumors suggest he has mastered more than one elemental power.

Nation of Origin:
Unknown. Rumors exist that suggest a variety of possible homelands.
He himself does not claim allegiance to any nation.

Background / Identity
Human (Male, age guesses range from early fifties to late seventies)

Claims to Fame

Tales of Adventure and Danger: One thing that Welston has never lacked for is comrades skilled in the arts of prose and verse, so there are many famous print and stage works that feature Welston Gray as a character. Most depict him as a brave but sensible warrior, who chooses negotiation over battle when possible, but who fights like a tiger when the situation demands.

Dragonslayer: twenty-four years ago, a mad Fire Dragon began burning and massacring villages on the north-eastern Methalian coast. Over the course of the six-week campaign against the Dragon it slaughtered over four thousand people, including a full military company that was sent to take it down. Whitefire send six only agents when hired to slay the beast, one of whom was Welston. Three returned, carrying the bodies of their three fallen fellows and the head of the dragon.

(Strangely, all three surviving agents involved refused Imperial Commendation for their achievement, and to this day Welston asks not to be referred to by this honorary title.)

The Whitefire Council: The Whitefire council is the ruling body that vote on large-scale developments, expenditures, and policy changes involving the overall Company‚Äôs interests. Welston Gray chairs that council as it’s most senior and long-standing member. Though the identity of the council is not widely known, rumours suggest that Welston has served on the council for almost thirty years.

- A consummate gentleman, Welston Gray is welcome in the house of every noble in the civilized lands. It is even whispered that he has drunk wine at the table of the War Matron of Vorkothe, one of the most feared rulers known to the world.
- Welston speaks little of his own exploits, and when he does spin a tale he often downplays his role as being merely a spectator to the legendary bravery of his comrades in the Company.
- Welston is generally good-natured and takes little offense to the words of others. That said, he is not a man to be crossed lightly, particularly considering the number of thrones his circle of friends and allies includes.

- Legends describe Gray as an expert in most forms of combat, and anecdotal stories from the man himself suggest that he’s made weapons out of a great many things that came to hand in unusual circumstances. (A popular story of his describes an attempt on his life in a Karthi bathhouse where he defended himself from six armed assassins with only a short towel and a bath-bucket.)
- Welston does not travel armed or armoured. The only things he is rarely seen without are his monocle and his smoking pipe.


Whitefire: Welston Gray

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