Whitefire Company

Whitefire Company is an independant, freelance mercenary company.  It was founded shortly after the end of the Fae War, and it's founding members included some of the most prestigious names from that period. 

Whitefire's stated purpose is to be an independent army beholden to no nation or government, composed of the very best that all nations have to offer.  They offer their services as based on their motto: "for a just cause and a fair price".  However, their mandate also includes monitoring for any signs of Fae presence in any nation where they operate. 

Benefits of Joining Whitefire:
- Whitefire Mercenaries command one of the highest contract prices of any company in the world.  Just having a credential from Whitefire guarantees you will be paid twice what the average merc would receive for doing the same work.

- Whitefire Credentials serve as entry papers in any port where Whitefire has an office.  This means you can travel to nearly any continent in the world without the need for expensive diplomatic papers (or equally expensive bribes).

- Whitefire Insures it's members against death while on active duty.  This means that if you are killed in action while one a mission, Whitefire will pay out a settlement to your family to compensate them.  This settlement is often paid annually for as many years as you were a member of Whitefire (sometimes more, if your contributions were deemed vital to Whitefire Operations). 

- Whitefire is synonymous with excellence.  Having a Whitefire credential will open many doors for you in the halls of power and influence, if only for the sake of political networking.

Whitefire Company

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