Judge: Aryka Salvatri

The Fire Judge


Whitefire Company, Rank “B”
Crimson Fox Company, Admiral of the Southern Fleet
Captain of the Redheaded Stepchild
Adopted daughter of Junnika and Aryn Salvatri, the Crimson Queens of the Grand Route.

The Fire Judge

Nation of Origin:
Originally from Shulve in Methalia
Current base of operations is Turras Vand in Mynnos.

Background / Identity
Foxfolk (Female, early thirties)

Claims to Fame:
Her Mom: Junnika Salvatri, the original Crimson Fox. The most prolific privateer of her age. A Farothi Foxfolk by decent, her profoundly canine features and fierce business savvy made her an internationally respected (and in some cases, “wanted”) fleet Captain by the time she was twenty. Her exploits include tales of battles against sea monsters, stealing one of the world’s biggest airships to go joyriding in, and conducting a wholesale invasion of the port city of Greyshore when the deacon at the Royal Cathedral refused to officiate the wedding of Captain Salvatri to her long-time partner, the equally legendary bard Aryn Rozenwynd. (The invasion lasted exactly three days, and little bloodshed was involved – the Crimson Foxes simply parked their entire 217 ship armada in the bay, and informed the city that no other ships would enter or leave until remunerations were paid and the cathedral was vacated for “private use” by the privateers and their entourage.)

Her Mother: Aryn Salvatri (born Aryn Rozenwynd). Prior to her involvement with Junnika, Aryn had been an internationally renowned court entertainer and concert musician. Her whirlwind romance with the so-called Crimson Queen of the Seas was the subject of many of her most famous compositions. A poet by nature, Aryn composed a widely successful series of ballads, scripts and pillow-books based on their adventures at sea (and occasionally also in the bedroom).

Her Brother: Kazzir “Kaz” Salvatri, Admiral of the Northern Fleet. (Half-Aelve, Half Oork.) First adopted child of the Salvatris, Kaz was orphaned in a raid by the infamous Black Tide Armada (a Farothi Pirate Fleet). Kaz grew up to be a notorious rogue in his own right, taking strongly after his adopted Mom. He earned the nickname “Kaz the Hazzard” due to his reckless disregard for personal safety and favorable odds. In addition to being the commander of a vast merchant fleet, Kaz spends most of own time hunting Black Tide Pirates along Methlia’s north-west coast. His flagship is “The White Squall”.

Her Sister: Sheppa Salvatri, Admiral of the Grand Fleet. (Sheepfolk). Sheppa was orphaned by a massive fire in a Shulnari port town when she was a small child. Aryn discovered her when a close friend asked the Crimson Foxes to deliver aid supplies to the destroyed town, and brought her back to Methalia. Despite being almost painfully shy as a child, Sheppa bloomed when confronted with anything involving numbers. By the time she was in her teens she was keeping the books for all of her parents trade ships moving between Shulve and Findar. By the time she was twenty, she was keeping all of the books for her family’s trade on the Grand Route. When it came time for her parents to retire, they named Sheppa as their heir to the original Crimson Foxes, which came as a surprise to literally everyone outside their own small family group. It is impossible to do naval business in Methalia without knowing the name of Sheppa Salvatri. Her Flagship is “The Abacus”.

Herself: Aryka Salvatri has had an odd life. Her mother Aryn published an account of Junnika discovering Aryka as an abandoned new-born in the Red-Lamp district of Shulve, which was a part of one of her most popular collections. She was the only child her parents raised from infancy, and she has lived her entire life surrounded by the privateer business. She took the lead of a few of her parent’s ships when they retired, and founded the Southern Fleet at the age of nineteen. She has spent just over a decade since then building it into the greatest fleet in the south seas. In terms of ships and men, she is rivalled only by the Methalian Navy, the Greatship Fleet of Luthen, the Black Tide Pirates of Farothe, and her own siblings at the heads of the North and Grand Fleets of the Crimson Foxes. That’s a lot to achieve in a decade, and it has made her something of a celebrity in international political and trade circles. Her flagship is “The Redheaded Stepchild”.

- Raised surrounded by privateers and sailors, her attitude (and vocabulary) reflect that.
- Like the rest of her family, she does not take any crap from anyone, ever.
- She has her Mom’s sense of adventure, and likewise lacks a bit of her mother’s social grace. (She can sing a bar song with the best of ’em, though.)

- You don’t survive a life as a privateer on the open seas without some serious skills to back them up, and you don’t keep the kind of political influence and wealth her family has without a decent head on your shoulders.
- Aryka has fought in many public duels, and has engaged in a variety of bar-fights and port riots in her day, several of which have become the stuff of dock-side storytelling.
0 She is also the beloved Commander of fifty ships and crews, who will happily take it upon themselves to answer any affront to their commanding officer.


Judge: Aryka Salvatri

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