Judge: Grendul Nock

The Earth Judge


Whitefire Company, Rank “B”
Founder of the Eight Cedars Temple
Fifth Grandmaster of Way of the Great Forest Style
Former Eighth Seat of the Whitefire Council.

The Earth Judge

Nation of Origin:
Central Shulnar,
Currently residing at the Eight Cedars Temple in central Methalia.

Background / Identity
Human (Male, aged 60-70?)

Claims to Fame:

Serving on the Whitefire Council: The Whitefire council is the ruling body that vote on large-scale developments, expenditures, and policy changes involving the overall Company’s interests. Master Nock served on the council for twelve years, but retired from his duties there almost a decade ago.

- Master Nock is a student of an Earth Style way, which are known for promoting patience, calm contemplation, and incredible willpower.
- Master Nock enjoys his advanced age, using it as an excuse to allow other younger people to do things, keeping his own time free for meditation and drinking tea.
- Like many of those who live to an advanced age, Master Nock has a wealth of life experience and wisdom at his disposal, and he is not shy about sharing his thoughts if asked.
- His choice of test reflects a man with a deep appreciation for tradition, but also someone who is a ruthless pragmatist.

- Despite his advanced age, Master Nock is still an active member of Whitefire.
- To be acclaimed a Grandmaster is to inherit a martial legacy. This requires a lifetime of study and an extensive proficiency with the Martial Arts. Even in his old age, it is likely that Master Nock is a force to be reckoned with if push comes to shove.


Judge: Grendul Nock

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