Judge: Malyron Vandreith

The Air Judge


Whitefire Company, Rank “C”
Member of Empress Joan XIX Council of Advisers

The Air Judge

Nation of Origin:
Born near Picknor in Northern Methalia
Currently residing at the Imperial Palace in Neiris.

Background / Identity
Aelve (Male, Late thirties?)

Claims to Fame:

Serving the Empress: Anyone who knows the first thing about Methalian politics knows that Malyron Vandreith holds an extremely important post in the Imperial Government. (The fact that very few of those people could also name the exact post that holds in her Majesty’s government is a testament to the influence his name holds in the halls of power.)

- Equal parts cunning and ruthless, Malyron is a consummate politician.
- Schadenfreude seems to be his primary source of pleasure in life, and he seems to spend the majority of his time entertaining himself at the expense of others.
- It is rumoured that his allies and business interests are providing many of the goods being sold to competitors during the competition. It’s entirely possible that the stipulation about abandoning your gear was his idea, for no other reason than to turn a profit for himself.
- In terms of courtly skill, none of the other judges can hold a candle to Malyron. The fact that he volunteered for this duty might suggest that he intends to influence the outcome, somehow. (Not that any such accusation could be proved, of course.)

- While nothing suggests that Malyron is any kind of a gifted combatant, he is the kind of person who can get other people to do things. That kind of influence should never be under-estimated.
- Being a member of the Imperial Court, Malyron has countless allies and underlings who he can engage in his machinations. He understands the long game, and the need for plans within plans.


Judge: Malyron Vandreith

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