Judge: Slanda Red-Hat

The Water Judge


Whitefire Company, Rank “C”
Internationally Renowned Big-Game Hunter
Former Professional Bounty-Hunter

The Water Judge

Nation of Origin:
Born in Northern Findar,
Currently residing in Luthen ( Northern Shulnar)

Background / Identity
Free Oork (Female)

Claims to Fame:

Bounty Hunter: Before becoming a member of Whitefire, Slanda had already developed an impressive reputation for taking on extremely dangerous man-hunting missions in Findar, Methalia, and Karthos. She specialized in tracking dangerous criminals deep into inhospitable terrain.

Beast Hunting Since joining Whitefire, Slanda has moved away from bounty hunting, becoming an internationally renowned big-game hunter. She is presently a part of tracking and hunting efforts to kill off the last of the deepwater horrors living of the western shores of Shulnar.

- Like most Findari Oorks, Slanda has a plain-spoken manner and a gallows sense of humour.
- Slanda wears a traditional Findari wedding brand, suggesting she is (or has been) married.
- Her choice of garb suggests a certain flamboyance, as does her trademark Red Hat.

- When moving through dangerous areas Slanda is never seen carrying less than four weapons, chief amongst them her large, custom-made greatbow. (She also carries a long sword, a long-hafted splitting ax, and a long dagger.)
- For the majority of her professional life, Slanda has set out with the deliberate intent to hunt and kill extremely dangerous creatures (and criminals) on their home turf. She is still alive, and none of them are.


Judge: Slanda Red-Hat

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