Whitefire Exam

The Bi-Annual Whitefire Candidate Selection Exam is an event held every two years, during which the Whitefire Mercenary Company invites a handful of promising or talented people to audition for a chance to join Whitefire Company.  The number of candidates invited and the number who pass the exam varies from year to year, and according to rumors there have been years where fewer than ten candidates were accepted out of the hundreds that were invited.

This year's exam invited 200 participants to participate in the Exam. 

Each of the Exam's four Judges will sponsor an event designed to test the skills of the participants, and to weed out those who prove themselves unequal to the tasks set before them.  These tests are completely up to the Judges, and there is no pre-determined list of skills or formats that they need to follow.  There are also no safety restrictions set for the exam – the judges are free to run events where participants may be injured (or even killed) by the circumstances of the Exam. 

Before each event, the terms of that event will be laid out for the competitors (and no sooner).  At that time competitors may choose to forfeit their participation in exchange for safe passage to the nearest town or village, where they will be excused from the competition.  Those who opt to undertake each challenge will be expected to complete it, and no effort will be made to locate any party that goes missing over the course of an event. 

Those who complete all four events will be permitted to showcase their skills in the final test, hosted by the Chairman himself at the Whitefire Headquarters in Neiris.  Only those who complete this final exam and meet his strict standards will be invited to join Whitefire Company.

Whitefire Exam

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