The Judges are a group of four Whitefire Company Members in good standing who have been selected by the Chairman to plan, oversee and evaluate the Bi-Annual Candidate Selection Exam.  They can be from any background or profession, and are given honourary titles based on the four elements.  The ideal is that the four judges, like the four elements, should balance one another. 

The judges are given full control over what events will be run, what rules will be enforced, and have the final call about disqualifying, disbarring, or granting leeway to the competitors in extraordinary circumstances.  During the Exam their word is law, even against dissent from higher-ranking Whitefire members.

This Year's Judges
The Air Judge: Lord Malyron Vandreith
The Earth Judge: Master Grendul Nock
The Fire Judge: Admiral Aryka Salvatri
The Water Judge: Slanda Red-Hat

The Judge of the Void: The Arbitrator
Rumours from exams past suggest that in the rare case that the four judges split evenly and cannot come to an agreement, there is a neutral fifth party that the matter can be taken to.  This neutral party can also be called on if there is a conflict of interest between the judges and some aspect of the competition.  This judge is said to be called "The Judge of the Void", and their identity is a guarded secret.  Some say it's Welston Gray himself.   Others suggest that the Void Judge is secreted amongst the competitors, to give them a clearer view of the field.

Other say that the Void Judge is a myth.  Who can say what the truth is?    


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