Mynnos – The Islands of Snow and Sweetness


The story of Mynnos is, in many ways, the story of one Fae: an Archmage of vast power named Vand. He did not come to the Human Realm as an outcast; he was an arcane scholar of great esteem, seeking any new secrets of magic that might be hidden in this new land. He traveled far and wide, but everywhere he went other more ambitious or warlike Fae sought to either enlist his aid or jealously chase him off. Seeking to avoid needless conflicts, Vand took himself to the distant south to an island where the snow rarely melted, where the land was poor and which no Fae could yet be bothered to squabble over.  He used his great power to fashion himself a tower where he could learn to channel the power of this new world and continue his studies in peace.


The tower he built was near to a village, and access to Vand's powers kept that village secure and safe in exchange for whatever foods and services he needed from the town. There was only one problem that Van could find, and that was the endlessly frigid weather. After a decade of stoic endurance, Vand finally broke down and deined to ask his long-time chamber maid how it was that the humans here managed to keep warm in such constant cold.


And, as the stories go, she showed him.


Mindy of Mynnos became the first of many happy spouses wed to Vand. She was born a peasant, so she had always wanted to eat rich foods and drink rare alcohol, and she led Vand on a journey of discovery that completely changed his life. The human passion for sensation was completely foreign to the Faeborn Vand, and he soon became notorious not only for his magical powers but also his voracious and exotic appetites, earning him the nickname “Vand the Hungry” (among other, less flattering descriptions). Mindy was also not jealous when it came to sharing Vand's affections, nor was Vand inclined to restrict her own activities when he was busy in his studies (which was sometimes months at a stretch). Each of them brought other lovers into their house to enjoy the fruits of their collective company, and the children of their various unions were raised much beloved by all. When Mindy finally succumbed to old age (at nearly a century herself, thanks to Vand's magics), she left Vand with the demand that he should henceforth never have less than two spouses, for his own good and for her own peace of mind. Her funeral was, the tales tell, followed by a grand feast and an orgy in her honour in the nearby town, after which Vand wed another maid, a courtesan, a coachman, and a handsome sailor and his wife (a seamstress).

This continued for thousands of years, over the course of which Vand's spouses included dozens of people, from all races and backgrounds. Any time he traveled to a foreign land he inevitably brought back a new addition, including some of the first Veir, Oorks of all sizes, and even (rumors suggest) at least one Dragon. (As to how that is even possible, the records are very unclear.)


So it was that when the world began casting off the oppressions of the other Fae Warlords, Vand remained rightly unconcerned. The only other Faeborn governors on Mynnos were all some generation of his own offsprings, and they were just as easygoing as he was for the most part. When the Free Nations and the Warlords began asking for his aid he declared Mynnos as neutral, and as a safe-haven for refugees only. Anyone else, he said, he would turn away with what force was necessary. Considering this was an Elder Fae, with a full command of the Elements behind him and a small army of his own mage-talented children at his side, his decrees were respected.


Right up until the Sundering of Xir that is, when the tidal waves from the seismic shift washed up on the western shore of Mynnos without warning, wiping out several a seaside villages and a great many of Vand's own children and grandchildren who were ministering to the refugees there.


Of the very few survivors who witnessed it, Vand is said to have arrived in Xir three days later, on wings of pure fire.  His anger shattered the battlements and rained lightning on the Fae strongholds there. The force of his will ripped down walls and scattered soldiers to ash by the dozen. It is said that when he found the Fae mystics who has been responsible for the sundering, he dragged each of them down to the sea and drowned them. Then he roused them from death and drowned them again. And again. And again.


This was the same Vand that led Joan's adventure to through the portal to face the Fae Council, and whose grim countenance warned the Fae that the human realm was no longer theirs to toy with.


There is no record of what happened to Vand afterward. Some say that he remained in the Fae realm, attempting to spread his joyful and indulgent lifestyle amongst less fragile people. Some say that in his grief he chose to stay there and police the Fae himself. And some say that he still dwells in Mynnos, hidden away from all those save the few lovers who remain close to him.


Whatever the case, Mynnos remains much as he left it. The Mage-Lords of Mynnos are all half-blood Fae or better, and mighty in their command of the Arcane forces Vand had mastered. They also continue their sire's free-loving traditions and delight in sensual pleasures, despite the fact that the majority of the land there is still a frozen wasteland (or perhaps because of it). This culture has reached every level of society here, and is itself one of the reasons that divisions between peasant and noble here are fluid – tracing bloodlines is very important to Mynnics, because so many of them can trace their roots back to famous leaders (or in many cases even Vand himself).


Mynnos, due to it's poor climate, has very little to trade with other nations. There is a seasonal run of massive fish that pass by the coast twice a year which allows for some trade with Findar, but beyond that Magecraft is the only significant export that Mynnos has. Fortunately they have something of a cornered market when it comes to truly advanced magics, and most other governments find themselves forced to call on the Myynic archmages to handle any serious arcane problems.

~~Mynnic Cities

P) Turras Vand
Literally “Vand's Tower” in the local dialect, Turras Vand is what passes for a capital city in Mynnos, despite the fact that Mynnos has no central government. This tower, once home to Vand himself, has become an academy for arcane studies that accepts students with an exceptional aptitude for the arcane, and trains them in the ancient arts once taught to his children by the Archmage Vand the Hungry.



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