Shulnar – The Land of the Three Crowns


The smallest of the continents next to Mynnos, Shulnar is a land of rolling, grassy hills leading down to a never-ending sandy shoreline. Life on Shulnar is sometimes called the Way of Field and Sea, because nearly everyone who lives there makes their living either as farmers or fishermen (or sometimes both, in places where the lands are less fertile and the seas still fouled with the beasts left behind by the past Fae Kings). Shulnar is an international breadbasket, and nearly all of their export trade is in food and cloth. Most notably, the Sailors of Shulnar are second to none amongst the seafaring peoples of the world. They build the grandest ships, fish the deepest waters, and they have the only coastline that is still routinely plagued by sea monsters.


Despite the size of the mainland and the smaller surrounding islands, there are only really three 'rulers' of this entire region. They are known as the Three Crowns, because the title of King was so besmirched by the Fae that none would deign to claim that title.


The first of these is Crown Balor, who rules the northern-most part of the continent. His lands are the least fertile, and over the last five years there has been a rise in the appearance of monstrous sea creatures to the west and raids by Farothi pirates along his north-eastern shore. His people have been struggling, and as a result he ordered the annexation of several villages along the border of the central region. This has been met with international disapproval, which has halted nothing.


The second is Crown Melinda, one of the rare female 'Princes' in Shulnar's history. Melinda's court has tried for the past several years since she took office to rival the Methalian Imperial Court of Neiris as a center of global art and culture. Unfortunately their ongoing border disputes between her nation and Balor's to the north have made it more difficult of late to host larger courtly gatherings.


Finally, there is Crown Leland of the southern nation, whose court is a hotbed of inventors and thinkers. It was his court that invented and publicized the technology for dirigible airships, and have been working tirelessly to expand on that technology in hopes of creating a new source of revenue and international political leverage for their small and relatively poor country.


~~Shulnari Cities

J) Luthen
Capital of the north-west nation, this city is famous for the Greatship Fleet, which sail out into the deepest ocean waters for whaling and deep-sea fishing expeditions. It is also the home of traditional Sea-Worship, and the sailors here are notoriously superstitious.

K) Thumar
The capital of the 'Middle Nation', Thumar is a rising star of international trade and culture. The citizens here have a noted taste for the romance and mythology, perhaps owing to the long legacy of shepherd minstrels and storytellers that hail from this region.

L) Alindein
If there is a single city that could stake the claim of being the scientific capital of the world, Alindein might be it. People from this city are known equally for their cleverness and their eccentricity, which often comes together in their hobbies. The birthplace of modern dirigible travel, this si the home to the world's first (and only) Airship Port.


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